A leading school utilized our solution to keep track of school buses real-time

According to the Albany, NY-based National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT), there are 480,000 school buses in the U.S. that transport more than 25 million kids to and from school (that’s about half of the kids in the country!) While riding the school bus is the safest form of mass transportation in this country, the recent, heart-wrenching accidents involving school buses have every parent clutching their child’s hand just a little tighter as they wait for the bus in the morning.

With anxiety on the rise, schools are increasingly looking for ways to keep track of the real-time position and movement of school buses to ensure student safety

The client, a leading school in North India required a system to help them keep an eye on the real-time position and movement of all the buses in the school from a single console. The management also needed a mechanism to know the details of students in each bus real-time.


Buses brought under surveillance

Our solution helped the school to keep track of the entry/exit of  students to/from the school bus. The bus tracking console of the solution provided a real-time view of each bus  in the school

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