Life at Innovature

Innovature Labs is the perfect place where your needs of professional achievements and entertainment greed are delivered in a perfectly balanced manner. Our innovators are just like our family members and it is our due responsibility to offer them all necessary things that would help them grow as a professional and as well as a person.

We always come up with new innovations within our workspace to ensure that all our employees feel at home. The bondage between each of our members is strengthened by various cultural programmes and extra-curricular activities that the company organizes.

Blood Donation Campaign

After the memorable event ' Santhwanam Children's Home Visit', in a move to spread awareness on Blood donation, Innovature charity club organized a 'Blood Donation Campaign' in Geo Infopark, on 20th July 2016. Mr.Banerji, Legal consultant, Geo Building who was the chief guest at the occasion addressed the employees and motivated them for donating blood.

Over 60 units of blood were collected at the camp that was organised in collaboration with Indian Medical Association. Which will helpsave 180 lives. IT companies in Geo Infopark participated in huge numbers and played a major role for the successful execution of this noble venture. Charity club members distributed refreshments to the donors in appreciation for their contributions.

Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. Blood donation is a human virtue that needs to be upheld . At the end of the event everyone walked off with a smile on their face which was nothing but a sense of pride in being a help to the society .

Successful events do not just fall together; they are the result of hard work, creativity, awareness, and careful attention to each and every detail. Innovature Charity club will continue to look for a variety of other opportunities to remain engaged in anything that can be a help to the society .

blood donation camp
blood donation camp


We are very happy to share with you that Innovature Charity Club organized a visit to the 'Santhwanam' a Children's Home located at Kalamassery on 19th September 2015. Innovators spent a whole day with the inmates . More than 30 Innovators participated in the event. All the children came up with cultural programmes. After that delicious lunch was served and our charity club members distributed presents to the children and were encouraged to become responsible citizens of the country through education.

''Children are the future pillars of our nation – It’s our responsibility to protect them''.Every single child in the world regardless of race, culture, gender, age deserves to be loved, cared for and kept free from harm and abuse.

Charitable contributions from Innovators make it possible for us to oraganize this programme and It was a small effort that makes the center happy for a while.


Onam Celebration

We don’t miss out celebrating any festival and ‘Onam’ being the ethnic and traditional festival of Kerala, specially deserves to be celebrated in a grand fashion. A full day celebration takes all the innovators into a fun filled ride with cultural events taking the front seat. It would be one such day when all of us turn up wearing traditional Kerala attires.

Onam celebration
onam celebration

Cricket Tournaments

Sports is an indispensable part of life and we know that precisely. To boost the sporting skills of our innovators, we conduct various tournaments on a yearly basis. The Innovature cricket tournament is a prestigious tournament where our innovators brush their cricketing skills. Cricket is just a beginning and other sporting events are waiting in the pipeline to get unveiled.

cricket tournament
Cricket tournament

Tour programmes

Innovature Labs is a close knit family consisting of many innovators. We arrange various tour programmes to take out time and get together somewhere out of the office space. These programmes provide the needed rejuvenation for all the employees and some time to get to know more about each other.

Tour programmes
tour programmes

Christmas events

Jingle bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way!! Yes, the lines of the rhymes would stand true during the time we celebrate Christmas in our office space.


Run Kochi Run

Over the years, we have always found great pride in lending our support to a common cause. The second edition of Cochin Half marathon which was held on 7th December 2014 was an event to define the face of Cochin and we as a part of this renowned city took steps to run with the entire city.

Run kochi run
Run kochi run

Weekend Events

We find it quite necessary to provide our employees with fun activities each week. To ease out the pressure and to dwell into the world of fun, our committee come up with various events that would be held each weekend. This is the space where all of our innovators present their skills in arts and many other extra-curricular activities.

Weekend events
Weekend events