Why you should master DevOps Testing


A RightScale survey conducted recently has found that there is a rapid increase in the interest around DevOps and 54% of the companies have adopted DevOps.Traditionally, QA would get a build which is initially deployed in their designated environment and QA would then begin their functional & regression testing. Before the QA sign off on the build,it would ideally sit with the QA for a couple of days.  All these steps will change when it comes to DevOps.

The goal of DevOps is to establish an environment where releasing applications is valued over the quality of the released application and to help deliver the product quicker to the market. This makes quality assurance (QA) a key component in the DevOps methodology. New generation applications need continuous real-time changes and updates to satisfy the fast growing demands of the consumer. This requires continuous testing, development and delivery/deployment. DevOps empowers teams to constantly upgrade and deliver.

To accomplish such speed and agility, automating the testing process is critical. This requires the building of a mature automation testing framework through which one can easily automate all the testing processes,quickly script new test cases and configure them to run automatically when the deployment is completed in the QA environment.To achieve this integration specialized automation testing tools and continuous integration tools are used.

Our intelligent frameworks are based on industry best practices and standards, to proficiently assess clients’ testing development. Connect with our experts to understand and improve all QA focus areas across the delivery lifecycle.

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