Utilizing cloud services to meet the needs of your business

cloud services

The exponential growth of digital world is having immense impact on business nowadays. Today’s digitally strong business customers are keen on the high availability and scalability of services. Cloud technology being the emerging solution for its flexibility to reach up the dynamical needs of business, we are with the pace of changes in the industry
in adapting new technologies. We make use of the services of AWS in our solutions, as AWS cloud computing services are being the world’s broadly adopted cloud platform offering several services
globally. Cloud services also help us to collaborate our work across the globe. AWS Compute, Database, Developer Tools, Storage, Governance, Security, Identity & Compliance are many of the features we are keenly into.
AWS Compute provides one of the most powerful service AWS Lambda that let’s us go completely serverless. Storage service S3 used along with other services like AWS Lambda and batch. As we are specially into huge data management solutions, S3 is being used in our operations extensively. For secure web application access we do implement AWS WAF with customized web security rules. Amazon RDS is using as part of our process as it manages different databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc. Keeping
the pace up with the digital world that evolve each day is our strength.

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