Edge analytics & its importance

Edge analysis is the collection, processing, and analysis of data at devices located at the edge of a network such as a sensor, network switch, or any other kinds of devices that are nearest to the source of data. Processing data at the edge can exponentially reduce the latency compared to sending the data to a cloud and waiting for its response, edge analytics could prove to be life-saving when decisions and appropriate actions need to be executed in fractions of a millisecond. Edge analysis also helps the organizations to decentralize the processing to the devices at the edge of the network.

Edge analytics are used in isolated locations such as oil rigs that are hundreds of kilometers away from any decent data processing center. Data analysis and processing can be delegated to the sensors and shutting down a malfunctioning vault. Edge analytics are used in critical systems to facilitate early problem detection rather than analyzing and identifying an event such as motor bearing vibration, voltage leak, environmental hazards and the like.

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