Here's why you should start using Flutter

Are you a mobile developer who always has an eye for the latest trends in mobile application development? Then you would definitely be hearing a lot about Flutter these days.

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications for Google Fuchsia.”

As a developer who seeks a lot of help from StackOverflow during the routine app development related tasks, I always make it a point to check stack overflow trends of different technologies.

So the trends show that cross-platform application development is getting hotter these days.

From the StackOverflow insight trends given above, we can see that after ‘react-native’, developers are getting curious about how they can use Flutter to build amazing native-looking applications. 

If this trend continues, then within no time Flutter will surpass all of its competitors like react-native, Xamarin, etc.,  and even the native app development using Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS) may fall under the counts of who use Flutter.

If you have experience in any other language, switching from that to Flutter is really easy, because, Flutter is based on Dart language, which is maintained by Google and the learning curve for that is extremely short.

Dart is an open-source, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language developed by Google in 2011. It’s often used to build web, server, and mobile applications, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices.”

At Innovature, we started using Flutter in some projects from the initial days of Flutter announcement, along with react-native and the native languages like Kotlin and Swift. From this experience we really fell in love with Flutter since the effort to build amazing applications is really less, but the output of that effort is really jaw-dropping.

And the funniest part is, Dart language was ranked number 1 in the worst programming languages to learn in 2018!

Yes! You read it right! Dart was ranked as the worst language. Since the birth of Dart (from 2011) until the birth of Flutter, Dart was considered as a ‘dead’ language. And who would care to learn a dead language at that phase!

But things have changed since the introduction of Flutter, and now the popularity of Dart is steadily on the rise.

So, if you are a mobile application developer, think no further to use Flutter for your next application, and conquer the world of cross-platform application development.

Flutter will get you to the top for sure!

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